Bitcoin is a new investment


Bitcoin’s price rose to $52,912 Monday. This latest increase follows Bitcoin’s jump back over $50,000 in late August for the first time since May, according to data from Coindesk. 

These latest daily high price points over $50,000 continue a recent upward climb back toward prices earlier this year, when Bitcoin saw its all-time high above $60,000 in April. The April high was followed by a decisive drop to under $30,000 as recently as July 20, before the recent rise back to $50,000.

But given the crypto’s history of volatility, this increase doesn’t guarantee a long-term reversal. Bitcoin’s price is just as likely to fall back down as it is to continue climbing. The price swings are going to keep happening, and experts say they’re something long-term crypto investors will have to continue dealing with. 

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